Pro-Collagen: the pros of collagen

Head chemist Dr. Gillian Worth explains the importance of collagen in skincare..

Collagen is crucial for skin and muscle health and starts naturally declining with age. Other causes of collagen loss are UV damage, consumption of refined sugars and carbs, smoking and stress. Incorporating collagen boosting ingredients within our skincare is one way of increasing collagen. 

We spoke to our Head Chemist Dr. Gillian Worth on the importance of collagen in our skincare...

What is collagen and why is it important in skincare?


Collagens are critical structural components within our skin. As we age, collagen production reduces, and this is behind skin wrinkling and the increasing fragility of our skin. Beginning to include collagen promoting ingredients, in your skincare regime, is important from the age of 35.


 How has the new Glow Lab Pro-Collagen Skincare range been developed?

The new range has been packed with active skincare ingredients that stimulate the skin’s production of collagen naturally. The products have been designed to help smooth, firm, and plump the skin. Formulas are enriched with short chain peptides such as tripeptides and pentapeptides, resulting in optimum skin health. These include SpecPed® 3AK, Functional Keratin® and Matrixyl Synthe 6, all powerful peptide blend that helps stimulate the skin’s ability to produce collagens, hyaluronic acid and other key skin structural elements. Matrixyl Synthe® 6 has been scientifically shown to substantially upregulate the production of several collagens in skin, after 5 days.


How would you recommend incorporating the Pro-Collagen range into a skin care routine?

I would recommend using all of the range; the Plumping Moisturiser, the Night Cream and the Plumping Serum as these have all been developed to support different collagen production. The plumping moisturiser helps stimulate collagens XVIII, IV & VII during the day and boost the skins barrier function preventing moisture loss. The night cream hydrates the skin and boosts collagen I, III 1V and HSP47 (heat shock protein 47) while you sleep, while the serum offers an extra boost of collagens I, III, IV HSP47 while also enhancing Collagen I, Fibrinogen and hyaluronic acid .

You can further supplement with a facial oil to lock in moisture!