Our story

Our story

Our mission was to first create a skincare range that's natural, effective and cruelty and nasties free, all without breaking the bank. Surely that's not too much to ask for really, is it? 

Glow Lab was created from the inside out and started with you. Yep, we asked real women just like you what you really wanted from a skincare range. The result? You needed a solution that ticks all the boxes; effective, natural, luxurious and affordable.

And that right there ladies (and gentleman) is where we began our Glow Lab journey - to develop natural skincare that works.

  • Naturally-derived 
  • Scientifically-proven ingredients - the works part
  • Absorbs fast (goodbye sticky after feel) 
  • Cruelty free, with no nasties, nope none.
  • Proudly made in New Zealand (thanks to our clever team of chemists) 
  • The fact that they smell, feel and look great, well that's just a bonus.

Tick, tick, tickity, tick! 

And we didn't just stop there.. the Glow Lab family continues to grow with the launch of hair care and personal wash ranges (because your hair and body deserve to glow too!). Our hair-care range is also boosted with clinically-proven, active ingredients to strengthen and protect hair, while the luxurious body and hand wash formulations are super-hydrating, with divine fragrances. 

Glow from head to toe! 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Skincare should be natural AND effective, without compromise. That's why our formulations are sourced from nature and blended with scientifically-proven ingredients to create natural products that work. Simple as that and only that.. no added nasties, cause well why would we need too? (or want to for that matter). 

And we are just as proud of what we DON'T include in our formulations;

Oh and did we mention the Glow Lab skincare range is dermatologically-tested and pH balanced too, so it’s suitable for all skin types (yes even you sensitive wee things).  

Glow Lab is made for women, by women. They’re at the heart of our development process, and while we don't test on animals we do test on us. Yep, that's right! Every product is used and refined by the ladies behind Glow Lab to ensure its something we would use before launching it to you. - its a hard job really..  



Glow Lab is inspired by YOU & created for YOU.
That’s why every face featured across everything we do is a real-life Glow Lab customer - a glow-getter. Yep we do things a little differently around here!

Glow Lab is not just another natural personal care brand. Our mission: to enable women to have the confidence to glow naturally from both the inside and out by providing natural products that actually work and are accessible to every woman. 

With customers being the foundation of Glow Lab we thought who better to be the face of our brand and showcase real results than you. A breath of fresh air in a world where social feeds are filled with sponsored beauty regimes and unrealistic standards. Yep, we are keeping it real. 

So, how do I get involved we hear you ask? Sign up to our Glow Getters Programme and become part of Glow Lab and who we are. 

The science

The science

It’s no secret why Glow Lab are natural products that work. We’ve enhanced our natural formulations with clinically-proven, active ingredients to deliver proven results.   

We use a variety of oils and butters to enrich our formulations across the range. From Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter, to Argan, Avocado, Jojoba and Macadamia Oils, you’ll discover beautiful blends which replenish and deeply nourish skin, and hair naturally. As for Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A.. we've got the entire alphabet! 

Glow Lab is proudly made in New Zealand and has a clever wee team of science and cosmetic chemists on site who have formulated the range from the ground up. They have a combined wealth of experience which spans two decades, developing personal, hair and skincare formulations across a number of brands. With a background in cosmetic science, when it comes to sourcing and critiquing the vast range of ingredients available to use, they know their stuff. In fact, the team is across every detail of manufacturing and, because they’re on site, they’re on the spot to ensure quality control at every step of the way. 



At Glow Lab, we’re committed to using eco-friendly practices and reducing our impact on the environment.

Our packaging is already recyclable however we've gone one step further and have moved all our personal wash and hair care bottles to be made from 100% recycled plastic - sourced from recycled water and juice bottles. By 2025 we aim to have all Glow Lab packaging made from recyclable, compostable or biodegradable materials. - yes to progress!

In fact our 100% recycled bottles recently won GOLD at the 2020 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Awards in the Health, Beauty & Wellness category. Since changing to these recycled bottles in November 2018 we have reused and diverted approximately 130 tonnes of plastic from landfill. Proud to be doing our part.

We are also 1 of 12 leading New Zealand businesses backing a diagnostic study to review New Zealand’s entire plastic packaging and recycling system. We know we cannot tackle the plastic issue alone, and are proud to be part of the ground swell of change.


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