Maintain Your Winter Glow!

Wanting to avoid dry, dull skin throughout winter? We talk to Sophie Piearcey (content creator, glow getter) on how Glow Lab can transform your skin during these colder months..

We know New Zealand winters can be relentless on your skin. The colder weather, harsh winds and rain can strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving you with dry and damaged skin.

Adjusting our skincare regimens during the winter to guarantee intense hydration for the skin is key. Dryness caused by damage to the skin barrier in winter can cause flaking, redness and sensitive, raw skin. That is why Glow Lab with our natural, gentle ingredients will ultimately soothe any sensitive, dry skin this winter.


We spoke to Sophie Piearcey on how Glow Lab products have been essential for her own skin transformation…­

Sophie expressed how she has always struggled with very sensitive skin and therefore finding a natural alternative for her skincare became a top priority.

After discovering Glow Lab due to its affordability and natural ingredients, Sophie developed a strong skincare routine that has completely transformed her skin;

“Having a solid routine with products I know, and trust has been life-changing for my skin. I have a daytime and night-time routine that features the same products with a couple of added extras for the evening. Knowing that I am protected, nourished and on a journey to healthier skin with active ingredients and products that make me happy”


With a solid skincare routine in place, adjusting it to suit the colder climate is important in achieving a winter glow! Sophie introduces our sensitive range into her skincare routine during winter to maximise hydration and soothe dryer, sensitive skin;

“New Zealand winters are cold, harsh and dry, so introducing the full Glow lab sensitive range means I can treat my skin with extra care yet still receive the same level of hydration.”