Candle Care

With the launch of our brand-new Glow Lab Home range, here are some top tips to get the best out of our Candles.

Trim Your Wick 

Before lighting your candle, it is important to trim the wick, it should be no longer than 5mm. For brand new candles, your wick should already be this length. A minimum length of 5mm ensures the Flame stays smaller and less smoke is created. Also, ensure there is nothing in or on the candle that could ignite (make sure you remove the card insert). 

First Burn


The first time you light your candle, it is very important to burn it until the wax pool (a melted bit of wax) reaches the edges of the container. This prevents the candle from tunnelling.  

Candle Wax has what is known as melt memory, this is where wax that has been melted before will melt faster than fresh wax. Therefore, if your wax pool never reaches the edge on that first burn, it will tunnel more every future burn.  


Burn time  

Never keep the candle burning either unattended or longer than 3 hours. Once your candle has 10mm of wax left, discontinue burning. If the candle burns for too long or too close to the bottom, it can cause the container to overheat and could damage the candle or its surroundings.   


Candle Placement 

Always ensure the candle is placed on a heat-proof surface that is clear of anything that can ignite or be damaged by heat exposure. The location should also be free from drafts caused by air conditioning, open windows, constant movement, or fans. Air movement can cause the flame to leave soot marks around the jar. 



Candle Storage  

When storing the candle, ensure the candle is completely cool before replacing the lid. Never use the lid to put out the flame. Storing with the lid on ensures the fragrance will stay stronger for longer and that no dust will get in. Keep the candle in a cool place out of direct sunlight as this will also degrade the candle over time.