Face Oil for Oily Skin.

Yep, you read that right!

Facial oil? for oily skin? surely not..

Yep! Facial oil can do WONDERS for oily skin. Ok, ok, hear us out here…

In order to stay soft and supple, your skin naturally needs to produce a certain amount of oil. However, if you have very oily skin (yes we are looking at you excess shine, greasiness, congestion and even breakouts) it is often a sign your skin is producing excess oil. This is your skin essentially telling you your oil-water balance is out of whack.

Oily skin (and the congestion and breakouts that come with it) happens when your body is over producing sebum. Now, this is where we tend to reach for harsh cleansing products and pull back on our serums and moisturizers in an attempt to rid our skin of any sign of shine. This is definitely not the answer. What this actually does is strips your skin making it thirsty and naturally the body attempts to fix it by producing more oils to compensate. Yikes!










Contrary to what you may believe, the right face oil won’t increase your skin’s oil production, in fact it can help to regulate it for a much healthier and balanced complexion. The oils that make up facial oils are completely different to those produced by the skin. Which means they won’t add more oil. Rather they’ll hydrate the skin which helps regulate the oil your skin is producing. Ingredients like Rosehip, and Marula Oil (conveniently found in our Rosehip Oil +Plus) actually mimic the skin’s sebum to balance and restore oily skin types. And if that isn’t enough, said Rosehip Oil +Plus is boosted with active ingredient Beracare BBA™ to increases hyaluronic acid levels by up to 82% after 9 days - Code for a tall drink of water for your skin (see ya oily greasy mess).


So, there you have it, oily skin? Use an oil (before your moisturiser FYI).