Frequently asked questions


  • Do you send out samples of Glow Lab?

    We don’t send out samples, but our Glow Lab minis are the perfect way to trial the range before you commit to a full size and you can find them in our Mini Pack.

  • Which Glow Lab products do you recommend for sensitive skin?

    Our formulations have all been dermatologically tested and are non or low-irritant which means they are good for even you sensitive wee things.

    If you have sensitive skin and would like to try some of these products before you commit to the full size, check out our Mini Pack which contains 5 of the products mentioned above (Body Lotion, Facial Moisturiser, Night Cream, Crème Cleanser and Facial Serum).

  • Are your products suitable for acne and blemish prone skin?

    The full Glow Lab skincare range is great for blemish prone skin because our formulations are natural and we don't use any nasties that block pores or cause the skin to dry out. 

    The best thing for acne prone skin is keeping skin clean and hydrated. We recommend using the Gel Cleanser, followed by Facial Serum and Facial Moisturiser AM and PM. 

  • What should I do if I have a reaction to any Glow Lab products?

    Even with natural products, some people can be sensitive to a certain plant botanical in a formulation, just like some people are allergic to certain foods. We recommend you do a patch test first, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Just place a small amount of the product on the inside of your arm, pop a band-aid over it and leave it for 24 hours before using it for the first time.

    If you do experience a reaction when using a product, remove the product immediately, contact us and please don’t use the product again.

    If you’ve reacted to an ingredient in the past, do check our list of ingredients on the pack or box before buying, to make sure they don’t contain anything you already know won’t work for you.

  • Are your products safe to use in pregnancy?

    Yes, the entire Glow Lab range is safe to use in pregnancy, with one caution. Our Facial Serum contains Vitamin A, so if you are already using Vitamin A in any form, we don't recommend using our Facial Serum at the same time. This is because high levels of Vitamin A need to be avoided during pregnancy.

    But, the rest of the Glow Lab range can be used with confidence, so you can look your glowing best during your pregnancy.

  • What is the pH level of your cleansers?

    The pH of the Gel Cleanser and Crème Cleanser are between 5.0-5.5 which is the optimal pH of skin.

    Glow Lab Micellar Water is higher at pH 7.0-7.3 as this is the pH of eyes, and this product has been formulated to be used for eye makeup removal too.

  • Are your haircare products safe to use in a septic tank?

    Yes, the Glow Lab haircare range is biodegradable so it's safe to use in a septic tank.

  • Some of your products don’t lather as much as I’m used to. Why is that?

    Our natural, pH balanced formulations have lower lather rates because we don’t use the synthetic products in our formulations like sulphates, which are often used to create a high lather. We avoid these because, over time, they can cause irritation and long-term damage to your skin and hair. So rest assured, you’re cleansing without the nasties!

Our natural credentials

  • Are your products cruelty free?

    As self proclaimed animal lovers, we are a proudly cruelty-free brand. None of our products are tested on animals and we use only ethically sourced, cruelty-free ingredients throughout the Glow Lab range.

  • Do the Glow Lab products contain any nasties like parabens or silicones?

    There are no nasties in ANY of our products, so you can rest assured they are all free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, silicones, SLS/SLES, synthetic dyes, Cocamide DEA or mineral oils (phew!). Even our Hair Serum is silicone-free!

  • Are your fragrances natural?

    We don’t use synthetic fragrances and in fact the wonderful scents you smell across our range are made up of essentail oils. 

  • What about micro-beads?

    We never use plastic micro-beads in our products, so we’re aligned with New Zealand’s micro-bead free policy.

    Our Brightening Exfoliator uses rosehip seeds to lightly buff the skin (clever huh?) 

  • Are your products vegan?

    Glow Lab’s skincare and bodycare ranges are all vegan, as well as some of our haircare range. Look for the vegan icon on our website. 

  • Do Glow Lab products contain palm oil?

    Where we absolutely need to use palm oil-derived ingredients, we only source from reputable suppliers. The alternative is to move to petroleum-based ingredients which is not in keeping with our philosophy of using only plant-derived and natural ingredients.

    Our palm oil is obtained from RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified suppliers and manufacturers. The RSPO is leading the charge in driving real change in sustainable palm oil production and we work with them to ensure we're sourcing as responsibly as possible. More information about the RSPO can be found at

  • Is the keratin in your products plant-derived or made from animals?

    We are a cruelty-free brand which is why the keratin we use in our products does not cause harm to animals. Instead, we use a keratin created through clever science, exclusively manufactured in New Zealand.

    This locally developed technology uses a unique process to extract keratin from sheep wool. During the yearly shearing of sheep – which is an essential part of good animal husbandry to avoid fly strike and keep sheep healthy – the wool is collected and used for the extraction process.

    We do not use keratin created from animal by-products such as hooves from dead animals or ‘slipe’ wool from dead sheep. So, while the keratin in our products is not plant-based, it is not derived directly from an animal product.

Product specific questions

  • Is the Brightening Exfoliator gentle enough to be used every day?

    Our Brightening Exfoliator is very gentle, but we recommend using any exfoliator only 2-3 times a week, to support your normal cleansing routine. 

  • Can I use the Facial Oil under my eyes?

    No. Our Facial Oil and oils in general are not designed to be applied directly around the eye area. The skin around our eyes is alot thinner than the rest of our face so its important to only use products specifically designed for this delicate area like our Glow Lab Eye Serum. 

    Our Eye Serum is specifically formulated for the eye area, and contains active ingredients which are proven to reduce wrinkles (by up to 33%), lift upper eyelids (by up to 61%) and reduce dark circles (by up to 32%).

  • How do I use your Facial Oil?

    There are so many ways to use facial oils in your skincare regime.

    We recommend you gently massage Glow Lab Facial Oil onto your face morning and night, but if you've never tried an oil before, try it at night first. Simply massage into your skin and leave it to absorb while you sleep.

    If you’re using your Facial Oil in the morning, the oil goes on first, before your moisturiser – and it’s best to give it a few minutes to absorb before you continue with the rest of your skincare regime.

    You can also add some extra drops to our Facial Moisturiser or Night Cream, if your skin needs some extra hydration or support if it’s feeling stressed. And, if your skin needs a treat on makeup free days, just massage some in - your skin will love it!

  • Your Micellar Water is alcohol free but it contains Benzyl Alcohol. Isn’t this an alcohol?

    Alcohols are a diverse family of chemicals and there is confusion between the ones that can cause damage versus the ones that don’t.

    The name ‘Benzyl Alcohol’ refers to a group of organic compounds which are used in skincare and cosmetics for the various benefits they deliver (the good guys).

    When using the term ‘Alcohol free’ in skincare, it’s intended to imply ‘Ethanol / Methanol Free’. This is the alcohol as we know it, the one we drink in alcoholic beverages (the bad guys). This alcohol is damaging because it has molecules small enough to move across the skin barrier and strip the skin of its natural oils.

    So, in summary, the Benzyl Alcohol in our Micellar Water is not the alcohol you’re thinking of. It is actually a natural component of the fragrance in the formulation and is present at an extremely low level.

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